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In d3manager, the local machine is now highlighted in bold. As a user, this is useful when accessing multiple machines via a KVM and needing to know which of the machines listed is the one you are logged onto.


Transport controls are available via HTTP REST API. Details can be found in the OpenAPIdocumentation accessed from d3manager in Help -> Open API Documentation. Note that the d3 HTTP APIs will be unified, expanded and formally released in r22 as APIs version 2.

This is one of those cases where security is limited by usability and human intent. The archive manager has no way of telling whether or not the file you modified was meant to be encrypted in the first place. Essentially this is a social engineering attack, in that you tricked the user into believing that the original file was in place. However, the real security vulnerability would be that you had read/write access to a sensitive archive in the first place. 350c69d7ab

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