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Chandigarh, March 10Furniture, mattresses and other articles were gutted in a fire that broke out at Atul Furniture showroom at Ram Darbar late in the evening today.Employees of the showroom managed to escape unhurt before the flames engulfed the entire showroom. The fire started around 7:30 pm in the workshop located at the first floor of the furniture store.One of the employees of the showroom stated that the fire might have been caused due to spark in the generator installed with the telecom tower at the top floor of the building.Fire department officials said that the blaze spread in no time as the workshop had combustible materials like thinner, sprit, varnish polish, upholstery, wood and petroleum-based foam stuffed in mattresses.As in case of all major fire incidents in market places, the fire tenders faced a tough time in reaching the site today also. A lot of precious time was wasted in clearing the haphazardly parked vehicles there.One of the fire officials said the main cause of spreading of fire was the storing of large quantity of combustible material in the workshop. He said there was no fire safety system in place at the store. Had they installed any inbuilt fire-fighting system like water sprinklers, the fire would have been put off at the initial stage.Station fire officer Magal Chand said two water boozers and a water tender were sent at the spot for controlling the fire. He said the fire tenders tried to douse the flames by using foam, but it was not of much help. They also made a water curtain to prevent the fire from entering into the shop, but it engulfed the entire shop.Expensive sofas, beds and other furniture items caught fire and were reduced to ashes though the firemen as well as the showroom employees tried to save the articles.

How To Install Corruption Of Champions Mod

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