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Srirasmi As The Star Of Penpak Magazine.jpg

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Srirasmi As The Star Of Penpak Magazine.jpg

The Star, who is currently creating a buzz with her sexy avatar on social media, is also one of the lead actresses of the critically acclaimed short film, Koyintae Kimiye. The fun-filled short film is an experimental feature where The Star grabs the camera and brings people on a ride, in the space of just 5 minutes.

I have been slaving more than 40 hundred hours and it has been more than 8 years. I cant make up with it as in a ready to college. Although its apparent that once I have graduated and get the position with greater income, I promise to use a tool that I understood so that I can make the amount I seek to borrow. If that wasnt enough, my mother was to help me get the best amount. She told me that, she got a vey great amount of money that she can use to give me and she can pay for me to go to higher education.. I graduated, I started working and I started earning good money, but the control still owes me approximately $40,000.. although my mother has been clearing my problem for me, but a part of the sum still remains. I need to find a way out..

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