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[S4E3] Vulnerable Extra Quality

Although, they both were able to cast aside some of their hardened reactions to one another and have more vulnerable moments under the cloak of night. Joaquin is attuned to Mariana and can see that she struggles in Callie's absence, and he doesn't judge her.

[S4E3] Vulnerable

While last week's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead dealt with the initial shock of a new and deadly illness spreading amongst the survivors, tonight's episode dealt with the ramifications of the disease. Like the title suggests, certain groups of people are being isolated into different areas: the young and most vulnerable are under strict quarantine, while those showing signs of illness have been separated from the rest. Some of tonight's best performances were turned in by actors playing characters who were isolated in an emotional sense, a strong theme that continues to form the backbone of this season. Hit the jump for my recap, and to find out what happens if we don't get a tomorrow.

Elsewhere, LeAnn is travelling, but has time before her flight to check in with a data analyst (Aidan MacAllan, played by Damian Young), who has been crunching the numbers for LeAnn and Claire. He's found some places Frank is vulnerable. Claire's vulnerability remains at her old home, where she's getting ready to leave again. Her mother Elizabeth has stolen her earrings as punishment for taking the family money and using it for her political ends. "Don't come back here," scolds Elizabeth, but Claire sniffs that she'll come and go as she pleases.

Special guest star Sarah Jessica Parker begins a multi-episode arc as Isabelle Wright of, who will be Kurt's mentor.[1][2][3] The name of Parker's character was originally reported to be Isabelle Klempt.[1] Parker was in the recording studio on August 16, 2012,[4] Series co-creator Ryan Murphy ran a photo of her first scene with Colfer on August 20,[1] and she had a dance rehearsal with Colfer and Michele the following day.[5] Murphy has characterized Isabelle as "sweet and vulnerable", and said that "she and Kurt become best friends".[6]

The U.S. Policy Brief, which accompanies the global report, summarizes how vulnerable and marginalized populations in the U.S. are disproportionately harmed by the climate crisis, as well as how children are likely to face far greater health impacts from climate change than previous generations. Dr. Renee Salas, an emergency medicine doctor and a Harvard C-CHANGE fellow was the lead author of the U.S. Brief. 041b061a72

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