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XDC 2019: Web Framework 2.0

As many of you know, Ill be speaking about all of this right after The 2020 Xojo.Connect Keynote in about 49 days (yikes!). Travis and I were talking today about how excited we are getting about using the new stuff ourselves for several internal projects that have been waiting for the new web framework to be done.

XDC 2019: Web Framework 2.0

With regards to layouts, weve designed the new framework to support multiple layout types with the possibility of adding new ones in the future. For instance a Fixed layout will still be there by default, but were also targeting Flex(-box) for the initial release. Well also be able to support a constraint based system when we want and I see no reason why we (or perhaps an adventurous 3rd party developer) couldnt make a responsive column based layout type.

[quote=474228:@James Sentman]It would be awesome if the new system used a web socket for back back and forth communications rather than the combination of server events like things and rest type connections. That would speed up the things I do a lot. A more or less http/1.1 capable server with keep alive support would also make things faster.[/quote]We experimented with WebSockets a while back, and while it did offer some speed improvements, they were not as significant as I would have liked. We are getting a much larger boost from the new http/1.1 engine in the new web framework for instance. We are also looking at http/2 and watching http/3 for the future.

The need to grow the XDC Developer and Partner Network in Europe gets bigger with every day passing by. The whole Blockchain space is in a crucial phase, - European financial institutions will be preparing for the crypto and stablecoin regulatory framework next year. The Eurosystem will also start work on a digital euro payment scheme rulebook, Web 3.0 is about to see explosive growth and adoption. A place where people can collaborate to share knowledge and resources to create equitable outcomes for all without the erosion of privacy that characterizes Web 2.0 .-

I believe that being based in Switzerland, a country known for its regulatory framework and reputation as a global center for finance and technology, is an ideal location for fostering the growth of the XDC Network.

CGI has been replaced by a vast variety of web programming technologies, including PHP, various Apache extensions like mod_perl, Java of various flavors and frameworks including Java EE, Struts, Spring, etc, Python-based frameworks like Django, Ruby on Rails and many other Ruby frameworks, and various Microsoft technologies.

Rational Developer for System z, 8.5 features improved applicationstructural and quality analysis for developers to enhance theirability to deliver high-quality COBOL and PL/I applications in atimely fashion that conform to in-house programming guidelines.Emulating the jUnit techniques available to Java programmers, RationalDeveloper for System z, 8.5 introduces z/OS Automated Unit Testframework for COBOL and PL/I applications.

IBM Rational Business Developer 8.5 is an integrated developmentenvironment for EGL, a programming technology designed to simplifymultiplatform application development. With EGL, developers can focusmore on implementing the needs of the business and less on theintricacies of underlying frameworks and middleware. EGL provides acommon programming language and model across all parts of anapplication, complements popular languages like Java, JavaScript, andCOBOL, and deploys to popular platforms such as WebSphere ApplicationServer, IBM Power Systems, and CICS.

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